About Me

Hey, I’m Alan Villanueva and I can truly say that I love what I do. If you were to look at the walls fortifying my home-based battle station, you’ll find an eclectic assortment of Venetian ceremonial attire, robots, monsters, cartoons from the 80’s, as well as work from artists and friends in the industry whom I admire that cultivate my creative fire.

Drawing power from my beard and rocksteady Spotify channels, I turn ideas
and concepts into meticulously designed wardrobes, creatures and captivating,
true-to-life beings. With the utmost level of professionalism and tenacity, I’m relentless in my effort to fully immerse myself into any project, big or small, across a vast spectrum of motifs and themes, derived from any era or genre. Through
the wonderful working relationships I’ve established with my diverse client base, which includes Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and Ducati to name a few, I’ve had the pleasure to conceptualize and produce work that I am extremely proud of, while also having the opportunity to collaborate with people whom I truly care about.

Within the past few years I’ve included tattooing to my skill set. Putting ink to skin is not only another rush I get creatively but also my client base provides design ideas way too fun to pass up.

My continued efforts have culminated into this living, evolving portfolio, which you now see before you. Please take a moment to look around my site and gaze through my kaleidoscopic looking glass of the world.